Media portrayed in these devices affect us on

Media is a way to disseminate knowledge and information. This is a very important part in socializing. Media enables mass communication and long-distance communication through which we can come to know about the happenings in different parts of the world. Various media devices include radio, tv, newspapers, etc. Information portrayed in these devices affect us on day to day basis. Without media, sharing of knowledge would be very tedious and there would be a communication gap in socializing. Also, various groups of people would not freely communicate with other groups.

Media affects people as people come to know about the right and wrong things through it. It can affect in negative way as well as media affects the subconscious mind and a person can imitate the personalities shown through media.Communication is the process by which data or information is transferred between people or individual through shared signs, behavior, language and symbols. Communication is a key factor in building and maintaining a successful relationship and allows an individual to explain to those around them what they are experiencing and what his or her needs are. Being able to communicate effectively can stop needless arguments which occur in every relationship and allow the individuals meet their needs and become emotionally connected.

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Media can trigger certain ideas and actions. People may also mimic behaviors portrayed in the media in the short run and may learn how to behave from media models in the long run. Media effects or influences our behavior in a relationship/ family structure because media promotes stereotypes.

These stereotypes are at times promoted due to the commercial interest of various companies such as the toy company the clothing company and they influence our relationships as stereotypes such as women are good for care giving and home chores are promoted. Thus, we are not able to raise our kids in a gender-neutral way; which effects our relationships in the long run.


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