Media full of different people with different religions,

Media is an integral part of the recent life experiences in western society nowadays. It is around us in numerous ways through each waking moment of our life, whether radio or TV, magazine or newspaper and the latest mobile phone and internet. The media is very helpful when it comes to constructing our perception of the world we live in.

It is also possible for the media to distort or omit groups of people. The world is full of different people with different religions, culture, language and race. Thus, it is very vital for charters and themes to be inclusive of all kinds of people on Tv or any other form of medium to show diversity in the media industry. In addition, many characters shown on TV and films are heterosexual and Caucasian, except if they are showing a disrespectful or critical attitude stereotype within a script.

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For instance, we see diversity in a storyline, but it is more like a formulaic trope, perpetuating a negative stereotype. Stereotype is another issue that the media must look at with regards to portrayal of diversity. Since, Media stereotypes are predictable, particularly in the advertising, news industry and entertainment it gives the viewers a quick common understanding of an individual or groups. Often relating to their race, gender, class, sexual orientation.

Another problem of portraying of diversity in the media relays to the fact that the government occurs to be the principal bases of news as it plays a huge role in news stories. Nevertheless, governments are not known to be heavily represented by the minority groups. Therefore, the minority groups cannot play a prominent role in stories. The government distribute information about minorities for news stories, so it it is very easy for the government to convey information about minority groups the way they would like to deal with these groups. The news stories my not always be true.


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