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Media Studies Continuous Assessment Essay
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Signed: Wiktoria NowakDate:10/11/2018
5765806875780″The significance of the media requires us to learn to see rather than merely to look” By readying this statement I feel like it is trying to say that it is so easy to just judge something by the look of it but nobody really try’s to understand it, find the meaning in it and look in deeper into it than just have a look at it, everyone may see the same thing however everyone finds a different meaning. In my opinion these following advertisements are a good example of this statement.


This is an advertisement for the clothes GUESS, it addresses the theme of Sexuality. In this Advertisement you can see a man and a women who are sexually involved with each other, The women has a slim body and the man is masculine. The ideal body types according to the society where women have to be skinny and me have to be strong and masculine. According to the ad if you wear jeans from the brand GUESS you will be more sexually appealing which is ridiculous as they are just jeans but people nowadays think that sex sells so they sex products up so that they sell which to be honest is true in some cases. The image is nicely framed with the white logo GUESS in the left bottom corner with the name of the jeans they are promoting “Jeans authentic”. It has the couple in the centre filling out the frame with the man looking at the women holding her by the shoulder, the women is looking at the audience almost as if she was trying to tell us that this is only happening because she is wearing the jeans. The image is also black and white making it appear slightly more dramatic and unique.

This ad is another example of an ad which addresses sexuality. Same as in the first one this ad also has a woman and a man. This ad advertises a shower gel from AXE. The image is split into two, In the first part of the image there is a man using the shower gel and the ad has the title “The cleaner you are” and it then moves onto the next part of the image where there is a naked woman covering herself with whipped cream saying “The dirtier you get”. This ad is very different than the other ads .In my opinion this ad represents women as someone dirty, who use their sexuality as an advantage which can be. In my opinion the ad is trying to tell us the audience that if you use the Axe Shower gel and get “cleaner” then we will be more sexually appealing and the more dirtier we will get referring to our sex life, as in we will drag more people to us sexually . As always the woman in this ad has the ideal perfect figure and has a very “sexy” face expression in the shower with no water running just the whipped cream. The image does not have very bright colours but the image itself is very eye catching.

The third and final ad is also an example of a sexuality ad, It is for the brand Gucci and it is promoting Gucci Fragrances for both men and women. The ad consists of a man and a woman who look naked on top of each other. We do not see much of their bodies but from what is displayed it appears that the woman has a very skinny “ideal” figure and the man appears very ” masculine”, The Companies logo is on the top and the couple fills out the frame with the men fragrance in the left corner and the women’s fragrance in the right. The man and the woman both appear to have perfect and flawless skin. This ad is sexing the fragrance up, trying to convince the viewers that this fragrance will make you more sexually appealing like no other. The colours are very colourful and vibrant making this image very eye catching and nice to look at. The woman has makeup on with a slightly tinted lipstick in the colour which appears to be red, red is actually known to be a sexy colour as prostitutes used to wear red lipstick in order to attract men. In my opinion this ad is the most beneficial.

” Semiotics as a theoretical tool aiding us to reflect more critically on the media and visual culture in general ” Semiotics are known as a study of different signs and symbols as well as their use of interpretation. Semiotics are also known to be called Semiology. It is the study of what meaning signs and symbols bring to the society and how they can be used within the society.

Semiotics can be found in advertisements as every advertisement has many meanings and can refer to culture. It can be found in many themes of advertisements such as Masculinity, Age, Race, Youth, Technology, Sexuality, National Identity and Femininity.
In semiotics a sign represents what the society agrees it represents, for example the toilet symbol, nobody actually made us believe that this is symbol will be used for toilets, it has always been used as a toilet symbol because we (the society) have always believed it was a suitable symbol for the toilets.

Charles Sanders Pierce made up three different categories of signs.
taking in consideration how the sign is related to the object.
An Icon is known to directly represent the object. If there is a painting of a house then the icon of the painting is a house. An icon is basically straight forward. It is the icon of what it shows.

In an Index the sign and object are connected for example a blind person is known to have a cane and a pair of glasses therefore seeing someone with a cane and a pair of glasses may indicate a blind person. The sound of your stomach rumbling may indicate that you are hungry.
However although an Icon and Index are straightforward and common sense. Symbols are not always. Majority of the time we have to learn what symbols mean. Symbols don’t have to be just emoticons they can also be words, They can be words which connect them to the object by which they represent. In many cases you see Web designers use symbols to represent something. For example The little magnifying glass symbol is known to represent searching for something so web designers use it to indicate where to go when you want to find something on a website, quickly and easily and everyone knows what it means as it is in fact very simple to understand.

Semiotics are also seen and considered when using face emoticons such as smiley faces and sad faces as they all have a meaning to their expression. when designing these the designer had to consider what effect it will make on people using these and how they would use it .

Different cultures see things and find a different meaning in symbols as they have a different impact on them. Semiotics are used in everyday life as they are sometimes used to separate living things from the none living things.
By Wiktoria Nowak, Creative Digital Media, Year 1, Media Studies.

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