Medicine a medical career to learn about

Medicine and healing have always been an important part in the life of a human.

As time progressed, the humans became more aware of health dangers such as infections and herbs with healing effects. Pharmacists prescribe and produce the medicine patients need to recover. I want to be in this career field because I don’t like seeing people in pain. I believe that there is always a solution to all diseases and conditions, even if some solutions are only temporary.

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I have had many influences in my childhood. The most influential television program from my childhood was Monster Inside Me. Some of the illnesses, mostly caused by parasites, could be cured with the right antibiotics. That convinced me to find a medical career to learn about different illnesses, what caused them, and how to treat them. In the eighth grade science fair, I decided to do an experiment based on the antibacterial properties of essential oils. Throughout the experiment, I enjoyed researching about the history of natural health remedies. The whole experiment had me convinced that I wanted to do something related to an experiment like this.

When my project was ranked first place, I realized that I found the biology of bacterial and their reactions to the essential oils fun. Only a year has passed since I did the experiment, so this was a very recent decision.


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