Melody surrounded by morons and that the teachers

Melody Brookes was not your average kid. She couldn’t walk and couldn’t talk but was still the smartest kid in her middle school.Melody never forgot anything her brain was like a black hole, what goes in never goes out. Her neighbor Mrs. V always saw potential in Melody and new she was brilliant.

At school melody seemed average and she felt like she was surrounded by morons and that the teachers would never be able to understand Melody. All they did was listen to music and talk about their ABC’s and they were 5th graders. Melody’s mom did not like the way the students were being treated like little kids so she took matters into her own hands. She demanded they be treated like the age they were.It was mid September when Melody was put in classes with “regular” kids.

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She was definately eye catching to others but she didn’t care. Catherine, Melodys teacher aide, new Melody was smart and signed her up to take a test to be on the schools whiz kids team.Melody scored 100%, higher than her teacher, Mr.Dimming had ever seen scored on a practice test.

The other kids just assumed Catherine was helping her cheat and Catherine didn’t like that. Mrs V, Melody’s dad, and Melody’s Mom all helped her study for when they took the real test.It was the day of the final test to see who was gonna be on the schools whiz kids team and so when it was time to take the test Catherine left the room so melody would not be accused of cheating.

The other kids were shocked when they heard melody scored the highest score and got to be on the team.The winning team between 2 schools got to go to a cometition later against all the winning teams from every district would compete on national television, the winner of that competition would go to Washington and compete against all the other winning schools in the state.Melody and her family were right on schedule to leave for the airport and they were gonna meet the rest of the team there. They get to the airport and can’t find anybody only to discover their flight was delayed and that the next one was after the competition. Melody’s parents were furious and asked where the rest of the team was and appearently they all ate breakfast together and made it to the airport early and they didn’t even call. She then said to melody ‘ sweetie i’m afraid we won’t make it and the team left you.’ Melody was devistated and didnt come out of her room and was afraid her dreams would never come true.


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