Melville. opposite inclinations of his young ages, rather

Melville. Nathaniel Hawthorne was first a transcendentalist along with others, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson; Henry David Thoreau, and Louisa May Alcott. Although, as Hawthorne matured, he started to disown some of the transcendental principles. Nathaniel Hawthorne became immobile for many months due to his leg injury. Due to Nathaniel’s immobility, it caused him to grow an appetite for reading and setting his goals to be a writer. Hawthorne’s work then took a turn and migrated from transcendentalism writing, to “Dark Romantic”.

The writing that was done by Nathaniel Hawthorne the “Dark Romantic” was a reflection towards his fascination of the opposite inclinations of his young ages, rather than being inherently good Transcendentalists had many different beliefs that would often change throughout time. Many transcendentalists were religious. Although, people were looking for new roots, involving a more personal and meaningful feel, rather than traditional. They wanted to be more independent/self-reliant. However, anti-transcendentalists believed that one can old reach god throughout life experiences and good works.

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To be an transcendentalist, is to find a way with everything. Find a way with nature, and finding a way rather to create than destroy. Anti-transcendentalists went towards the other direction, in which was


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