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MemorandumTo: John SustersicFrom: Gursharndeep SinghSubject: Datavast Inc.Date: February 21, 2018IntroductionOwner of Datavast Inc., Winston Hao, has his business in loss and seeks ways to profit from the company.

Datavast Inc. sells security clouds to all kinds of companies in China, a country which is unfamiliar with the new system, which led to not enough sales. One of the issues he faces is that his target market needs to be familiarized with the concept of security clouds.

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He wants to segment into either small companies or big companies but has a bigger advantage if he invests with larger companies. IssuesDatavast Inc. provides security boxes in China, and some of the products/merchandise includes CDs, external hard drives (portable), USB storage, cloud (public and private clouds). In the years of running his business at a loss, he realized that there were fewer to none companies that were familiar with the pros and cons of his product, in a lack of skills to inform about his product. He has the smaller establishments (small-to-medium enterprise: SME) to offer to, and in the other hand he has the larger companies to propose the merchandise.

The company’s concerns were to either concentrate on SMEs or large-companies. His first theory was that SMEs could offer the fastest development in terms of both segments, but the issue was that these minor businesses would care more about the value of the product. The SMEs continually seek for a product or merchandise that could benefit their company but similarly have a cheap price. The other target segment is large companies. Large-companies did not purchase the products continually which permitted a much higher selling contribution in terms of sales/per unit.

The larger industries also always stick to one provider and want the same result from previous purchases. Datavast was not rising in the large industrial market because businesses in China feared data leakage by exposing their data, which led to businesses not trusting the cloud system with storing their company information.Goals


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