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Merari Calderon                     The country of Mexico attracts many individuals due to the fact that their culture is very diverse, the festivals they have are beautiful and welcoming, and their attractions include nice sports arenas that attract many fans all over the world and if you’re trying to get away from the weather at home then Mexico is great place for you to stay. If professional soccer players came to Mexico, they would love to play for my country due to it’s great factors  Culture/Tradition Señora de GuadalupeA tradition in Mexico, that’s celebrated by the catholic community is that they celebrate The Virgin Mary’s encounter with a man in 1531. Lady Guadalupe is a saint who is worshipped by many in the catholic religion as I stated before.

The Virgin Mary (Lady Guadalupe) who appeared to Juan Diego, a poor Indian who converted into Catholicism after his encounter with the saint, soon told everyone in his village the patron of Mexico had made an appearance in his life in 1531. While no one believed him that the Virgin Mary had came to him, the image of the Virgin Mary was imprinted on his cloak as proof days after. Diego’s clothing now hangs in the Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City, and every year, on December 12, it’s a tradition that many Mexicans honor their saint with parades, religious celebrations, and feast.http://traveltips.usatoday.

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com/major-holidays-festivals-mexico-1411.htmlAttractions/Recreations: Sports Arena and Amusement Parks                                Chivas Stadium is the most modern stadium in Mexico. Many individuals like to go because of its designs and construction marks. This sports arena is the home stadium for the Chivas which is a Mexican soccer team from Guadalajara.

Other attractions that tourist seem to enjoy when visiting Mexico includes Six Flags México, which has an all variety of rides to offer, as well as food. Another plus from Six Flags México, is that as the holidays come around they offer music and festivals. Geography:The Climate in Mexico varies according to its topography.Along the coast of Mexico it’s hot and humid, the weather gets even more muggy in the summer. Places with higher elevations such as Guadalajara which is 5,200 feet above sea level. Has a normal climate which is not too hot and not too cold. Mexico City has a higher elevation of 7,545 feet above sea level, therefore the winters there are the opposite of the ones in Guadalajara, they are more freezing.

Besides Guadalajara and Mexico City, the rest of Mexico has a similar weather like the one in the United States; since as our seasons change and we experience different kinds of temperatures, Mexico receives most of the time, the same kind of weather as the seasons change, just like us.        As you read from this paper, Mexico has many different traditions and attractions that many tourists seem to enjoy, so if you happened to be traveling to Mexico any time soon; hopefully you’ll visit the attractions, try the traditions and enjoy the weather! Work Cited


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