Mesopotamia and filled the lands with wildlife and

Mesopotamia and Egypt were two civilizations that were similar in some ways but also had many differences. Not only did they differ in the geographical layout of the civilization, but also in many aspects of basic life. Although different in many aspects of life, there are also several similarities between the two civilizations. Egypt and Mesopotamia are both developed around river valleys.

Mesopotamia is located in between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and Egypt is along the Nile River. They drank from it, bathed in it, used it for cooking and cleaning. Both civilizations depended on the rivers for survival.

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Mesopotamia and Egypt rivers would flood irregularly without warning, often causing damage and sometimes death. Even though it flooded yearly what was left behind was fertile, rich, black soil that was great for planting. It provided irrigation and filled the lands with wildlife and vegetation. The rivers made it possible for farmers to grow crops, meaning that they could plant and harvest food. In Egypt, people used the Nile for trade and transportation.

First difference was how different protection was from the two civilizations. Mesopotamia did not have much protection from invaders and was more open to attacks. Mesopotamia was built in the fertile area between Tigris and Euphrates River. The deserts and the rivers did not keep out invaders. Mesopotamians constantly fought off attackers.

In Egypt, the Nile River would distance itself from would be invaders as Egypt was built on both the sides of the River Nile. Egypt rarely faced such threats. As a result, Egyptian civilization grew and prospered.

In conclusion, the geographical features of Egypt and Mesopotamia vary in many ways. They both thrived due to having long rivers across the land and even though the floods caused damage it produced rich, fertile soil for planting. These two civilizations shaped the formation of human communities.


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