Methodology that shows how all the components

Methodology is a systematic, theoretical and analysis of the study applied to a field of study. It is also important as it links theoretical work into practice. In this chapter the methodology will cover the following techniques; Research design, target population, sampling procedures, research instruments, data collection procedures, data analysis method and ethical considerations.RESEARCH DESIGN;A research design is the structure of the study that shows how all the components of the research relate in addressing the research question (Kombo and Tromp (2006). Since the research is based on what is going on, then we will base our research on descriptive research.

Descriptive research studies are designed to obtain pertinent and precise report about the current status on phenomena and where possible to obtain general conclusion from the information gathered (Lokesh 1984). We choose descriptive survey to allow for a broad based input to factors contributing to examination malpractice. It has been pointed out that the descriptive survey can be used when collecting information about people’s attitudes, opinions, habit or any of the variety of education or social issues (Orodho and Kombo, 2002).Survey is a method of collecting data either through interviewing of administering questionnaires to a sample of individuals ,it is mostly used method for collecting data(Orodho,2009).The survey research design is useful for accessing students perception on examination malpractice in higher education institution will be used.

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