METHODOLOGY: other group adding sodiumcarbonate seperately (freshly mixed)

METHODOLOGY: The present crosssectional study has been conducted in Jammu region to access the impact of different forms of sodium carbonate present in snuff on the oral health status of snuff users.SAMPLING: The current study has been conducted among workers at various construction sites in jammu region. A total of 284 snuff using workers participated in the the study.

The subjects were selected through stratified random sampling technique. All the study subject were informed prior to the start of the study and the informed consent was obtained. Ethical approval for conducting the study was obtained from ethical committee of Indira Gandhi Dental College jammu. It took duration of 3 months for conducting this study that is from month of december 2017-february 2018.The subjects who were using snuff regularly from five years and whose age were ranging between 25 years to 60 years were incuded for both genders. Snuff users adding sodiumcarbonate were further splitted into two groups i.e one group using sodiumcarbonate in premixed form ie (already mixed within pouches) and other group adding sodiumcarbonate seperately (freshly mixed) The present study was carried out in the following pattern Snuff users ( 284) With sodium carbonate (282) without sodium carbonate (2) Premixed (70) Freshly Mixed (212)Methods Of Data Collection The examination was done on an ordinary chair with back rest under natural light A pre designed structured questionaire is made to record information regarding general data, type of moist snuff with and without sodium carbonate, duration, and frequency of using moist snuff.

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The Axell’s index was used to find the degree of severity of oral lesions. Before the start of the study, the two examiners were trained to levels of accuracy and reproducibility for the various clinical parameters to be used. The armamentarium used in the present study was CPI probe, mouth mirror and explorer, tweezer,which were sterlised properly. The parametric One way ( ANOVA ) of variance, Stepwise Regression Analysis and Multiple Logistic Regression Analysis has been done to narrate the relationship between variables of different forms of sodium carbonate in snuff and different oral conditions.


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