Mgqwashu exceed the set advantages that have been

Mgqwashu (2016) states one of the reasons for this situation to be the one-sided post-1994 strategies towards the urban areas and rural territories have been disregarded. Rural areas are subjected to poverty, high illiteracy levels and under-resourced schools (Department of Education, no date). Urban areas have been favored since post-apartheid as a development target. Availability of resources or lack thereof and quality of such resources can be seen as one of the grounds for migration. The migration is thus a socially acceptable process; however, the opportunities have been distorted.

Relocation expenses exceed the set advantages that have been promoted thus prompting exorbitant urbanization, with an tremendous increase projected by 2030 in . The opposite applies for the urban to rural migration as people migrate for cheaper land, rates and accommodation. Tebogo, 2013 classifies such areas as urban villages whereby the infrastructure improves when its occupied by people who used to live and afford the living

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