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Michael Argyle created a communication cycle that included 6 stages. These are the idea occurs, message coded, message sent, message received, message decoded and message understood. The first stage in the communication cycle is idea occurs, this is when you are having a one to one conversation with someone and you are thinking of what to say in your head. You are basically thinking of what to say to the other person or maybe a certain topic.

This takes us to stage two of the cycle called message coded, this is where your brain decides how you are going to say the message. This depends on what type of conversation you are having or what situation you are in. For example a doctor who is about to tell a patient some bad news would think about telling his information in a soft and gentle way.The third stage is called message sent where you have said what you were thinking of saying depending on what situation you were in.For example you could have thought about addressing your words in a happy tone so when it comes to saying your words you are talking in a happy tone.The next stage is called message received where the person has listened to what you have said which takes you to message decoded where the listener tries to understand what you have said.

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They try to understand what you have said by looking at your body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. This is how they decide wether what you have told them is bad or good.Finally the last stage is message understood, this is where the listener has understood what you have said and has successfully understood how you wanted them too by using the correct facial expressions and voice tones.


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