Microcontroller explore the capabilities of AVR microcontrollers with

Microcontroller Based Sensor & Actuators TrainerMicrocontroller based sensor and actuators trainer is an exclusive general-purpose development board for the AVR family. The intention of the design is to endorse the engineers to exercise and explore the capabilities of AVR microcontrollers with real time response. It uses AVR studio for design and development .It integrates on board LEDs, keypads, an ADC input and LCD Display to create a stand-alone versatile test platform.

User can easily engage in development in this platform, or use it as reference to application development.40pin-ZIF Socket8 Nos. Point LEDs (Logic Output)4×4 Matrix Keypad2X16 Character LCD (Background Light)4 No’s of Seven Segment DisplayADC with Analog Input Test (Potentiometer)Stepper Motor InterfaceISP Device ProgrammerBuzzer (Alarm), 3 Interrupts, Reset ButtonTemperature SensorLight SenorBlock Diagram:1603717998904001724026253680000391668025298400027037323126154270661420821162706272106362544553072536825Sensors00Sensors1171822538095Computer (Source Code)00Computer (Source Code)2284095482307Voltage Source (220V)00Voltage Source (220V)22828252539072Microcontroller 00Microcontroller 22892243569530Actuators 00Actuators 22850721507685Voltage Regulator 5V/9V 00Voltage Regulator 5V/9V

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