Microfinance especially in the rural areas. Moreover,

Microfinance has been recognized globally as the neoteric tool to poverty reduction and for rural development.

Microfinance credits are playing a significant role in poverty alleviation and women empowerment and thus ensures a sustainable development of the nation. Women have been the most underprivileged and segregated stratum of the society not just in Bangladesh however the world over. Even though having different kinds of Government and Non-Governments’ endeavors, they have been exceptionally oblivious clients of the financial sector. In the ongoing circumstances, microfinance has been rising as a potential tool for women empowerment, especially in the rural areas. Moreover, the formal and semi formal divisions like commercial banks, NGOs and so on are appreciating giving microfinance to women viewing it as a productive business movement. Women are likewise taking an interest in the microfinance development by benefiting the microfinance administrations being given by the different financial channels.

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