Micronutrient deficiency

May 1, 2019 Critical Thinking

Micronutrient deficiency (MND) translates to the lack of important minerals and vitamins in small amounts for adequate growth and development of the human body.

Most common micronutrient deficiency worldwide entails:
– Vitamin A
– Iodine
– Iron
– Zinc
– Folic Acid


A problem, usually related with the cause-effect of malnutrition, MND is a huge part of the glut of diseases which categorises under the global burden of disease. Through a rising rate of illnesses such as mental impairment and even mortality, majority of MNDs are ubiquitous in economically less-advanced countries and with symptoms causing a reduction in immune systems, would be a likely cause of widespread disease and death.
With MNDs of any form being able to result in severe health problems, there are several of them which are especially lethal.

? Major reason that contributes to high rates of death & disease amongst infants, children and mothers in developing countries

? Deficit in Vitamin A, iron, iodine and zinc intensify the burden of disease resulting in multiple health implications

? Severe cases result in death during childbirth, mental illness, lower educational fulfilment, lowered work capacity

? Vicious cycle goes beyond a single generation with far-reaching consequences on generations to come

? Emphasis upon the actions to be taken to tackle the issue of MND and delay/manage it from going beyond a global epidemic

Many reasons contribute to the rampant spread of MND. The most rudimentary however, is directed at poverty. Low or middle-income settings of the world are unable to obtain basic nutrition owing to a lack of finances and education in terms of health and wellness. Coupled with infectious disease and a poorly sanitized environment, the unavailability of adequate health service, contributes wholly to the rise in MNDs. Furthermore, poorer countries face another tricky situation in terms of the privilege of obtaining a greater amount of food. Being reasonably less wealthy, problems in obtaining what is required often surface, leaving them with very little say in deciding what is necessary for their populace.