Migration These reasons can be classified as

Migration is the population movement from one place to another place(UNESCO,2016). Internal migration could be seen as people migrating from one place to another place within the same country, while international migration as people move from one country to another country(ibid). People migrate for many different reasons. These reasons can be classified as economic, social, political and environmental.

This essay will discuss whether migration would or would not generate economic benefits. It will argue that migration is advantageous to humankind because could improve professional experience and Job opportunities.Migration can be harmful to the leaving countries such as brain drain. Some people accept that migration might be disadvantageous for instance, loss of skilled worker in developing countries(Shah,2008). Migrants can improve their professional skill in developed countries. For example, some staff from Ministry of Health leave home country to another to study Medical subject with government scholar. After graduation, some might continue to live there without going to home country.

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In this way, migrant’s home country would lose human resources which play a Vitol role in the country’s development. However, there might also be some significant advantages of migration. First and foremost, some people migrate from developing countries to developed countries for job opportunities and their professional improvement to improve their knowledge and to get a wide view of their specific field.

This could become a turning point for their future careers. For example, in 2000, the UK government offered job opportunities to a new member of 7361 nurses to engage from abroad to fulfil required numbers of nurses in the UK(BBC,2000). Consequently, it has a significant profit not only for UK government have a positive economic but also for migrants. Another point to consider may be that, some migrants labours with no sufficient educational background move to developed countries for job opportunities. They often would have to work longer hours in physical job sectors at low salaries and also 2015, migrants sent $ 440 to home countries and their families (MacKenzie, 2016). In addition, Therefore, migrations have a significant of benefit for not only home countries but also host countries. In conclusion, this essay has argued that migration is crucial to development of society. Concerned with professional experience and Job opportunities for migrants.

Then this could enhance in both countries of home and host countries. Migrants learn new skills which they could bring back to their, home country. Moreover, immigrants provide significant economic benefits to host countries (Goldin, L,2016). Increasing the migration is as the World’s economy become more globalize.


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