Mikael are Britain’s territories. Western Front: War

Mikael Figueroa
Mr. O’ Riordan
AP Global History


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The Great War: Name used by the Europeans for World War l until the advent of World War II.

Kaiser Wilhelm II: Was the German emperor during World War I.

Triple Alliance: Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

Triple Entente: Alliance between England, France, and Russia; made to go against the Triple Alliance.

The Great Powers: The European nations that colonized and industrializing before World War l.

Allied Forces: What the countries going against the Central Powers were named.

Central Powers: The Allies were Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire.

Jingoism: The working classes that were set in Europe before the war.

Dreadnought: Modern battleship that was initially launched by Britain.

Gavriel Princip: Was a Serbian nationalist.

Archduke Ferdinand: Beneficiary to the Austro-Hungarian throne.

Sarajevo: Capital in Austria-Hungary of the Bosnian province.

Blank check: Germany agreed to protect Austria-Hungary after Ferdinand’s assassination.

White dominions: soldiers sent to fight in World War l from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand which are Britain’s territories.

Western Front: War zone that began to spread from Belgium to Switzerland.

Marne River: Site near Paris, France, where Germany’s early offensive was halted and thrown back.

Eastern Front: War zone that began to spread starting from the Baltic to the Balkans.

Tsar Nicholas II: Last emperor of Russia that made terrible military and political decisions.

Propaganda: media sponsor by government coverage of the war.

Bolsheviks: Socialists from Russia that were promoting the overthrow of the tsar.

New women: Term used to describe women that were career-oriented from western Europe as well as in the United States.

Jutland: The war’s major sea battle between Germany and Britain.

Gallipoli: Australian soldiers that were supporting the British but were annihilated by Turkish.

German East Africa: A fight that occurred in Africa that involved the British-led Indian and the South African troops on one side, while the German-trained east African troops were on the other side.

Treaty of Versailles: Wide-ranging postwar conference.

Woodrow Wilson: Was the American president who initially claimed neutrality in the war.

Georges Clemenceau: French premier at Versailles peace conference.

David Lloyd George: British prime minister at Versailles.

Armistice: All sides concurred to lay down their weapons without proclaim victory.

Stab in the back: Myth promoted in Germany.

Self-determination: National independence called by Wilson from colonial rule before Versailles.

Ho Chi Minh: Young nationalist from Vietnam.

Indian Congress Party: Nationalist group in India that called for independence from Britain.

B. G. Tilak: Nationalist leader who promoted a reactionary sort of Hinduism.

Morley-Minto reforms: British colonial authorities expandeing political opportunities for the Indian scholars.

Mohandas Gandhi: Successful leader of the Indian nationalist movement.

Satyagraha: A term used by Gandhi to describe peaceful boycotts, “Truth force.”

Lord Cromer: British High Commissioner of Egypt.

Effendi: uSccessful Egyptian families that made up the middle class.

Dinshawai: An Egyptian village that came to show the heavy-handed nature of the colonial rule due to British violence being placed onto them.

Mandates: The Treaty of Versailles established British or French power over territories that were originally held by Germany as well as the Ottoman Empire.

Ataturk (a.k.a. Mustafa Kemal): Post war leader of Turkey who launched sweeping reforms.

Hussein, Sheriff of Morocco: Was convincing the Arab leaders to back up the French and British in the war.

Zionists: Supporters from the Jewish nationalism.

Lord Balfour: British secretary that vowed in a declaration the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.


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