Miller no law to stop Rodolpho from

Miller portrays how little people trust and respect the state law showing the lifestyle and attitudes of people in Red hock. In Alfieri’s opening speech he says, “In this neighbourhood, being a lawyer or priest is unlucky.” This shows that people don’t trust the law, mainly because they “were only thought of in connection with disasters.

” Miller depicts the law as having an untrustworthy history; Miller shows this by showing such a presence of ‘street law’, as people don’t believe the state law will bring true justice.Miller portrays how Eddie’s background has given him contrasting ideas of justice to the state law. Miller depicts his feelings of justice through what he thinks the state law should be with Eddie being extremely surprised that there is no law to stop Rodolpho from marrying Catherine. When talking to Alfieri, Alfieri tells him there is nothing he can do, Eddie then replies “Nothin.” After this Eddie is confused persisting there must be something which is wrong with what he has done/ will do. This highlights how Eddie thinks the law should be, showing the audience that the world of Redhock then is not quite as excepting as modern day society.

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