Mindless is held at Exile on Main St.

Mindless Pop is a Filipino indie-band that consists of four members including Edzcel, Jom, Pat, and Terenz. Those guys organized an event, last January 13, 2018, that is held at Exile on Main St. Katipunan.

This gig event named ”Nakaraos Din” is made as a celebration for those band members in the scene who recently graduated and passed the board exams. The band says that they have encounter many events but this is actually their first time to create an event as a group. Despite of the small venue, and small preparation for the event, it was still successfully visited by many people. The event was organized for about two months; they were confidently produced the event without struggling too much since the other bands that performed are their friends. The band didn’t expect that their event will be successful, they humbly states that “nagulat kami na maraming pumunta”. For them, it’s just a celebration for the achievement that they got in the past years and to welcome the year since it is January, and also, to share their talents, spread the music, have fun, and keep the local scene alive, “nagpa-gig kame kasi wala kaming gig” the band stated in a kiddingly manner.

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At exactly 9:38PM, Lamb St. band kicked off the party, followed by Please••• Caprice!, The Oemons, Mindless Pop, and Luncheon. The show ends at around 1AM. The event lasted for almost 3hrs.


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