Mintzberg’s the pressures of the job drive

Mintzberg’s contribution to management thinking is not based on one or two clever theories within some narrow discipline. His
approach is broad, involving the study of virtually everything managers do and how they do it. His general appeal is further enhanced
by a fundamental belief that management is about applying human skills to systems, not applying systems to people – a belief that is
demonstrated throughout his writing. Mintzberg sets out the stark reality of what managers do: ‘If there is a single theme that runs
through this article, it is that the pressures of the job drive the manager to take on too much work, encourage interruption, respond
quickly to every stimulus, seek the tangible and avoid the abstract, make decisions in small increments, and do everything abruptly’.
Mintzberg uses to stress the importance of the manager’s role and the need to understand it thoroughly before attempting to train
and develop those engaged in carrying it out. “No job is more vital to our society than that of the manager. It is the manager who
determines whether our social insti


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