Mitch Blanche causing him to act out of

Mitch is very awkward which makes his sexual frustration very apparent when he is around Blanche causing him to act out of character.

To begin with, after rudely bringing up Blanche’s weight on the first date he swoops Blanche off the ground and states, “Just give me a slap whenever I step out of bounds”(Williams 108). This makes Blanche very uncomfortable because Mitch has been very shy and is barely brave enough to kiss her. Mitch does this because he clearly has not been on a date in a while and is rooting for Blanche to be easily attracted to him.

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Secondly, only a few moments after he grabs Blanche, Blanche talks about how she believes she is responsible for her dead husband’s death and Mitch’s response is “You need somebody. And I need somebody, too. Could it be- you and me,Blanche?”(116). Blanche tells Mitch a horrifying story about her dead husband and the story goes completely over his head because he is thinking about how desperately he needs Blanche. Mitch is very worried about his mother being ill and feels by any means necessary, Blanche needs to be the one for him. Finally, even when Mitch gets the dirt on Blanche and breaks up with her Blanche asks him “What do you want?”, his response is “What I been missing all summer”(149). Mitch has tried everything to please Blanche and feels Blanche owes him some sort of intimacy even though he does not want to be with her.

His reason is based off of what happened in Laurel and that Blanche owes him more than any of those strangers. Mitch is usually a very supporting and kind friend, but when he is in the presence of a woman that he is attracted to such as Blanche, he has a very bestial nature that is only physically attracted to women and brings out the bad in his character.


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