Mitford changed to an attractive memory portrait. Mitford

Mitford clarifies strongly that the appearance of the embalming area is very clean compared to a sterilized surgery. The preparation area describes to me a view of a theatre room following the equipment the uplifting artist is given. The equipment includes the scissors, bowls, basins, needles, and scalpels. The pumps drain blood from the corpse and fills it with proper fluids. The sharp equipment is then applied in the piercing, trimming, and slicing amongst other processes. Advanced sprays, pastes, paints, chemicals, and cream oils must be current to give a lovely smell to the injured and freshly waxed corpse.

The standard body is changed to an attractive memory portrait. Mitford brings out pictures of a mock images that show a human being in a casket. Mitford explains the preserved body in a comfortable calm tone; the body is painted, prepared, injected, and perfumed in a way that the family members of the deceased views the body. Mitford (230) is not in support of the techniques of the funeral business, she tries to clarify the process not as disturbing but as an genuine one.

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