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1.0 Introduction (50 WORDS)
The aim of this assignment was to examine how brands use elements of the “Marketing Mix” or the 4Ps which stand for product, place, price and promotion to influence consumers purchase decisions. In this assignment, I will explain my purchasing experience of the product based on Marketing Mix elements. The product that I had chosen was OXY Ultimate Cleanser. The product emphasized on multi-function on oily and acne prone skin which meant OXY Ultimate Cleanser gave different effects for clear, fresh and blemish free skin. The scope of this repost was to identify a physical product or goods that I have a recently purchased which costs RM 20 or less.
2.0 Product Category (50 WORDS)
The product that I chose was OXY Ultimate Cleanser. The product was under the category of skin care where there are some sub-categories including cleanser, eye care and moisturizers. Thus, OXY Ultimate Cleanser is under cleanser category.
2.1 Product (125 WORDS)
OXY Ultimate Cleanser is a multiple function face cleanser. The product is packaged in a simple and white tube with product name, brand name, an eight standing for eight multiple function and all the ingredients that it provides. On the back of the product, the explanation of the multi-function cleanser was provided which can encourage consumer to purchase the product. Consumer will feel safe while using the product as all the ingredients and explanations were provided. Besides, consumer may influence to purchase the product as it fights pimples, anti-blackhead, unclog pores, removes excess oil, deep cleanses, moisturizes skin, soothes skin, and refreshes skin. The way to use it was with an adequate amount of cleanser is squeezed by users onto their palm after they wet their face.

2.2 Place (125 WORDS)
OXY Ultimate Cleanser is commonly available in Kuching, Sarawak. It can be easily found in supermarket, department store and pharmacy. I bought OXY Ultimate Cleanser was in Watsons, a personal care store at The Spring Kuching. OXY Ultimate Cleanser was placed in the first shelf as the category of “Skin Care”. It was located at my eye-level on the shelf. Therefore, it was easier to find and notice its existence. The environment of the shelf where it was located was bright. This emphasized the eye-catching tube of OXY Ultimate Cleanser even more. This would attract more people to look or even more try their product.
2.3 Price (125 WORDS)
A tube of OXY Ultimate Cleanser costed RM11.20 as of 5 September 2018 when I bought it from Watsons store. However, OXY Ultimate Cleanser’s competitor, Clean and Clear was costed RM 13.11 which more expensive than OXY Ultimate Cleanser. Both are with similar size and weight. This showed that OXY Ultimate Cleanser was slight cheaper than Clean and Clear. OXY Ultimate Cleanser has a reasonable price which influences more middle-income families to purchase it.
2.4 Promotion (125 WORDS)
There was a promotion on Oxy Ultimate Cleanser which extra 20 grams at original price of each OXY Ultimate Cleanser are given and sold at Watsons, The Spring on 5 September 2018. This was more benefits than the original price cleanser as the extra 20 grams are gave. This would attract more consumers to purchase more because they would get more benefits with each at an original price.

2.5 Brand Positioning (125 WORDS)
The brand is more likely to appeal to teenagers and adults with medium income. Everyone in a family needs cleanser to clean their face. However, adults would be the ones buying on behalf of the whole family. We can deduce that OXY Ultimate Cleanser was designed for teenagers and adults because the packaging was simple, and its promotions are through value pack which mainly attract teenagers and adults. It was sold in supermarkets and convenient stores where most teenagers and adults shop. Besides, its moderate price attracts medium income families. If OXY Ultimate Cleanser was a person, the brand could be responsible cleaner who cleans and polishes your face to make sure your face is clean and healthy. For its positioning, OXY Ultimate Cleanser is an ideal cleanser which families love because of its protective and responsible character, and which middle income adults would buy because of its moderate price and convenient placing. I conclude that the Marketing Mix is consistent because it comprises of extra 20 grams of OXY Ultimate Cleanser and is placed in supermarkets and rookery stores. It has a moderate price and is promoted through extra ingredients and advertisement in social media. This Marketing Mix is also consistent with the brand positioning which is an adult brand representing healthy face and skin.
3.0 Conclusion (50 WORDS)
In conclusion, the appearance of OXY Ultimate Cleanser and high availability attracted teenagers and adults to try it out. Moreover, OXY Ultimate Cleanser has a moderate price which attracts medium income adults purchasing it. Its popularity is also increased through a lot of promotion and advertisement. Lastly, the Marketing Mix is consistent with its brand positioning.


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