MN501 Sireesha. I’m a creative thinker and

MN501 Network Management in Organisations Problem / Project Based Learning (PBiL) AssignmentPart-1: My Career Aspirations and Pathway Description: In this report, I will describe my career aspirations and how I plan to get there.About me: I am Ramineni Sireesha. I’m a creative thinker and enjoy troubleshooting various issues, solving problems and coming up with innovative solutions.

I never step back doing any work that my career demands and always strived to build a wider path towards my career destination. I feel achieving success is not a one-day work, it takes lot of hard work, determination and dedication. Equally, being successful needs continual progress, It is a never ending process. I want to achieve success and be successful always. Which Career: As a fresher I want to start my career as network engineer and eventually reach senior most position in the company. I like to work with networking devices, enabling devices to communicate.

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I always wonder how the entire world is connected through cables and other media, ensuring connectivity from anywhere to anywhere at anytime and how can anyone hold entire world in their hands in the shape of mobile phone or as a laptop. I want to work for a top company which provides services to entire world (google, you tube, cisco, amazon etc.,) instead of working to the one that serves only a specific group of people (like banking and tourist sectors).Demand: World is now running towards IOE (Internet of Everything), in which every device is controlled over internet from anywhere. So, the scope for the networking field is increasing year by year.

Cloud computing and network security are the most demanding fields now-a-days as people now prefer to secure their data in cloud instead of owning storage devices. According to Network Administrator Employment projections 2010-2020, 10-year growth pct is 28% which is growing much faster than average, evolving 96,600 new jobs with average salary of $69,000. 1My Learning Path: To work confident and to be successful in any field foundation (basics of subject) must be strong. So, I am trying to move forward holding strong command on basics. Unguided thoughts leads to failure so, I am first focusing on knowing about skills that the company expects from its employee. I will Plan my study time according to the skills required and Meet lectures if I need any help in my studies.It is also important to meet current employees in the field of networks so, as to know the latest technologies, protocols and algorithms used in the organization to design a network better and scalable. Peer-peer discussion tunes our mind, enabling us to focus on the problem from the scratch so that we can come up with an innovative solution.

Attending workshops and other career related programs also helps us enhance our skills.Finally, attending Interviews with all the skill acquired and working in a top-most company.List of Reference: Denial Greenspan, “Best Computer Jobs foe Future,” online. Available:

html. accessed 19 March 2018.


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