Mobile channel in several forms. The popularity of

Mobile app developmentIs a term used to denote theact or process by which a mobileapp is developed for mobiledevices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. These applications can be pre-installed on phonesduring manufacturing platforms, or delivered as web applications usingserver-side or client-side processing (e.g., JavaScript) to provide an”application-like” experience within a Webbrowser. Application software developers also must consider a longarray of screen sizes, hardware specifications, and configurations because ofintense competition in mobile software and changes within each of theplatforms. Mobile app development has been steadily growing, in revenues andjobs created Android APIs  ? android.

util   ?  android.os ? ? android.text ?android.database ? android.content ? android.

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view ?android.widget ? ? android.

telephony ?android.webkitApplicationbuilding blocks • Activity • IntentReceiver • Service • ContentProviderApplicationDevelopment Steps • Download andInstall the Android SDK and Test the Emulator. • Installing JDK and JRE(1.5 orabove) • Install Eclipse.

• Install ADT plugin for Eclipse  Now a days the demand for mobile application development is increasing. As it helps in finding up a news solution in different fields.* It provides best features that are important for the business, which helps in attracting the customers. Moreover there are many platform available like Android, Blackberry, Windows, iPhone, etc.  Today mobile has deeply ingrained in business operations. It enhances a better collaboration and streamlining of work flow.

The mobile application development provides better platform for their marketing.* Now a days countless number of app software are been downloaded to meet the various requirements of the business. It brings an easy interaction and communication channel in several forms. The popularity of these application is on rise which encourages the developers with many more ideas.

Thereby business can grow its infrastructure by providing the better service to the customers, the ability of mobile application have increased with the new technologies.  As per Gartner’s research, more than 20 %employees will use tablets instead of laptops in later years. * It is rightly said that device are Zero without the applications.

* Thus the importance of mobile application development is steadily increasing day by day… These applications provide complete access to the advanced features like address book, multi touch interface and other business applications. With expansion in user of mobile application, the promotion of one’s product and services has become much easier. 5 main reason why mobile apps are important today (i) Ubiquity of smartphones (ii) Manifoldness of possibilities(iii) Proximity to customers(iv) Unmatched user-experience(V) Better visibility  Businesses looking for greater visibility have mobile phone application developed.

This mobile revolution continue to evolve at a very rapid pace for over next 4 years…Check out -http://www. . Mobile application development boosts business activities! Security add-on layers·        App wrapping forsecurity·        Data encryption·        Client actions·        Reporting andstatisticsFront-end developmenttoolsFront-end development tools are focused on the user interfaceand user experience (UI-UX) and provide the following abilities:·        UI design tools·        SDKs to access devicefeatures·        Cross-platformaccommodations/supportBack-endservers ·        Integration withback-end systems·        Userauthentication-authorization·        Data services·        Reusable businesslogic  


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