Mobile from coffee shops to their customer’s offices.”

Mobile devices are necessary for on the go access and many businesses even issue company-owned laptops to their employees, so work can still be performed at satellite locations. Mobile devices, including laptops, have changed the business working style and according to Author Smith Big “One of the main reasons behind the accomplishment of corporate sectors today is their ability to work from anywhere which may be ranging from coffee shops to their customer’s offices.

” The future of PC sales is leaning more towards laptops and mobile devices and almost half of the computers used today are laptop computers. It’s important to decide on a processor for a laptop for business purposes because this will determine the overall speed, power handling, efficiency, battery life and heat issues (Phillips, 2018). AMD and Intel offer laptops solutions with their CPUs, but AMD lacks in this area somewhat where Intel exceeds. Intel has been in the mobile realm for quite some time and had better performance than AMD.

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Earlier AMD chips were notorious for the need to draw more power which made them run hotter, which could cause damage to a processor and overall were not taken as seriously as Intel for business needs. Today, AMD has produced chips that require less power consumption and corrected overheating issues. AMD has continued to close the gap with performance in mobile technology while making them comparable to Intel typically at a lower cost, but according to Author Adam Shepherd “AMD is doing interesting things, but let’s be clear: there is a huge, dominant player in computer semiconductors, and the gap between them is quite large in terms of market shares and use-cases.” With this being said, when it comes to laptops and mobile devices Intel has the majority of the market controlled and is still outperforming AMD in this area versus a less marginal playing field with desktop computers.


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