Modern go, but with GPS (Global Positioning System)

Modern world means technology. Nowadays 90% of the people in this world don’t know how to live without technology. For technology has been part of our daily life.

Yes humans had become too dependent on technologies for humans want all things to be easy. In short humans are lazy.As I grow I had witness how technology changes human behavior. Way back when I was a toddler my grandmother sings a lullaby to send me to sleep. But now phone has been babies singing mother.

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Past teachers tells stories by themselves with actions and facial expressions just to let every child imagine what’s the story was, now teachers let laptop and televisions do that work. It’s hard to witness such scenes.Technology helps humans for only humans made this technology to live easily. Doing 2 works at a time. Leaving the robotic vacuum cleaner while you wash plates. Letting your kids stays at home while you’re working comfortably.

Checking them out on the CCTV.Humans rely too much on technology. Hitting the road going to adventures without a knowing where to go, but with GPS (Global Positioning System) it is now easy to travel in anywhere and everywhere.

Waking up late and have to heat food faster than waiting the pan to heat up, microwave to the rescue. Instead of searching in many books to find the answers of the assignments, just type what your question is then click then boom answer is already there (Google). Technology helps humans to be lazy.Technology is not really safe to be trusted. It may lead us to harmful incidents. It may give us wrong informations.

Technology is one of the ways bad persons could attack there prey. For instance, someone has hacked your friends account and texted you that you’ll at this place cause of emergency. Now you’re in a bad situation.Health is one of the factors in our world that needed a technology.

Most of the hospitals, clinics, or even centers rely on this technology. Machines for helping doctors whose patient is in a critical condition. Machines to see immediately what kind of illness you have. And machines who helps a dying person long its life.Even in our food, technology is the main thing to get it easily.

Tractors instead of carabaos. Sensor instead of you and yourself check the crop if its fine or not. Grains carts shouldn’t have wheels but technology changes it. Now it can be use only one worker or laborer to finish grind all the grains.Genius persons made this technology. But had this technology made humans more intelligent? Our human body is now useless because of technology.

Maybe our human brain too. Even in an easy mental calculation humans have to use calculators.What if this technology that we’re relying on today breaks down? What do we do? What can we do? Can we still live our life to the fullest? Now that humans had relied on technologies too much Gods gift is now worthless. What more on the future? Will robots subdued our modern world? Too much is really bad.


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