MODULE visit a Non-Government Organization to have

MODULE 1 AND 2 INDIVIDUAL REFLECTIONMorales,Jamaica C.1D-PHWe were ask to visit a Non-Government Organization to have an interview about the sector. One of the members of our group has already know one sector that can really help us in our activity.

Blessed Family Home Care is the one we chose to visit. It is located at Barangay Sta.Cruz, Quezon City.

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While we are on our way to our destination. I feel the excitement because it was my first time to visit a kind of organization that consist of elderly people. When we arrived the excitement that I felt before turns into sadness. I feel sad for the elderly people because their loved ones just left them there thinking that they will be just a burden to their family.

We interviewed two seniors in the homecare. When I heard their stories about their life. I didn’t noticed that I was crying. Their stories were full of emotions. We also asked them how was the experienced inside the facility and they both answered that they were really enjoyed staying inside the facility. Because of the different activities that was held like dancing, singing etc.

I can say that Blessed family homecare is the best organization for the elderly and disabled people who placed by their families who are too busy with work. I want to help this organization by means of creating a blog which were I will post my experiences about visiting a sector like this one. I want to know the public that this kind of organization are still existing and they need help by means of donating goods that will help to extend the life of the elders and disabled person. The advocacy of the homecare is to promote the rights of the elderly and the disabled. To sum it up, I learned that we should cherish all the memories when we already have our family.

We should show our love and respect to each other. We should also give enough time to our loved ones before anything else. I also learned how to communicate patiently to the elders and to the disabled person.


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