Module organizational goals (Rachelson, 2013). Innovative Due

Module 6 – Marketing PlanNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Managing Marketers and MoneyDescribe the Team That Is Going To Guide Marketing For the New FacilityAccountabilityThe team must show how marketing will impact the new facility in its provision of healthcare services to the public. This will help the marketing team members to have one vision directly related to the new organizational goals (Rachelson, 2013). Innovative Due to other players in the healthcare industry, the team that is going to guide marketing for the new facility must be creative in their marketing strategies to enable the new facility to achieve the desired goals of a large customer base (Rachelson, 2013). Customer focusedThe main goal of marketing is to create and increase the customer base, which is important in determining the success of the new healthcare facility. For the marketing team to be successful, they should focus on the customer’s needs and what strategies to implement which will enable the new facility to attract customers from the competitors (Eiler ; Austin, 2016).Adopt technologyDue to the changing times, which are different from the parent company, the team that is going to guide marketing for the new facility must incorporate technology into their system.

The current marketing environment is quite complex compared to the parent company’s environment. Technology will enable improved communication and growth of the new facility in achieving the desired goals (Rachelson, 2013). CommunicationAn effective marketing team should be open which will enable the transmission of accurate and clear information. This is important for enabling the team members in addressing some of the challenges faced by the new organization as marketing a new facility may have challenges, which may negatively affect the goals of the organization (Eiler & Austin, 2016). CoordinationCoordination is important in enabling the team members to collaborate in achieving the organizational goals. A healthcare facility is based on teamwork to achieve its objectives including marketing. Coordination is also important in delegating responsibilities to the team members who must perform different marketing roles (Eiler & Austin, 2016).LeadershipThe team guiding marketing for the new facility should have good leadership.

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For a team to be effective there must be good leadership for the team. The team leader has the responsibility of communicating the vision of the organization to the team members and help in the decision-making process. The leader also takes responsibility of the team in their actions directed in achieving the desired goals (Rachelson, 2013).

Types of Resources That Are Going To Be Necessary To Plan and Implement an Aggressive Marketing CampaignStrategic planA marketing plan will include the goals to be achieved, the timelines, and other resources necessary. This will require a research to be undertaken to determine the best strategies to implement. The strategic plan will also prioritize the processes and interventions based on determined criteria (Ryan, 2014). BudgetFor an aggressive marketing plan to be implemented, it is important to set aside a financial budget, which will be used to fund the necessary processes required to effectively accomplish the set goals and objectives (Ryan, 2014). MediaThis involves the method and tools used to communicate to the public about the new healthcare facility. These can include the social media, the radio, and the television.

An effective marketing campaign should be able to reach all expected customers through the different communication channels available (Ryan, 2014). PersonnelFor any marketing process to be successful there must be qualified and experienced personnel who are responsible for providing direction to the other team members. This may require outsourcing from external sources or training the available members who will be able to direct the other marketing team members (Eiler & Austin, 2016). InformationInformation is important in the implementation of any marketing strategy as this helps in making informed decisions, which will be successful. Information is the key to a successful marketing campaign as it helps the team in strategizing their plan to enable them have a competitive advantage over the other players in the market (Eiler & Austin, 2016).

Three-Year Budget for Marketing the Facility to the CommunityDetermine By Whom the Marketing Campaign Will Be EvaluatedCustomer responseThe marketing campaign is aimed at impacting new customers to the new healthcare facility. The response by various customers can help in determining the reaction to the marketing campaign. This can include the physical customers accessing the new facility or through feedback on the impact of the marketing campaign (Carpenter & Shankar, 2013). Parent organizationThe parent company will give feedback on the progress of the marketing campaign, which can be done through a survey or comparisons with other branches of the parent company (Carpenter & Shankar, 2013).

PartnersMost marketing campaigns involve collaborations with other partners in the industry as a method of reducing the marketing costs. The marketing partners can also give feedback on the effectiveness and progress of the marketing campaign (Carpenter & Shankar, 2013). Marketing team The marketing team is responsible for measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaign through the analysis of the achieved goals in comparison to the original expectations (Carpenter & Shankar, 2013).CompetitorsThe reaction of other competitors in the market can also determine the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. If competitors copy the marketing plan or improve on their current plans, the marketing plan is working effectively. If the marketing campaigns do not have any effect to the competitors, there is probably something wrong with the marketing plan (Carpenter & Shankar, 2013). FacilitateA Plan for Establishing a Call Center to Support the Marketing of the New FacilityEstablishing a call center is important is providing support to the marketing process of the new facility.

Setting up a call center will involve determining the number of employees needed to operate the call center (Information Resources Management Association, 2018). This will be based on the marketing objectives, which may include meeting customer’s needs. The second resource to determine is the integration of technology into the call center (Kurtz ; Boone, 2014.

Knowing the level of technology to be implemented is important, as this will have an impact on the cost of marketing which should be minimized to avoid a negative impact on the revenue margins. Since this is a new facility, the marketing cost should be kept minimal, as the facility has not yet started bringing in revenues (Kurtz ; Boone, 2014).The technology implemented will also determine what channels to be used. If the new facility does not have experienced personnel to help in setting up the call center, the facility can externally outsource qualified and experienced personnel (Kurtz ; Boone, 2014). The location should then be set which can be close to the new healthcare facility to help the employees working in the call centers to feel close to the brand, which can also increase their employment opportunities (Kurtz ; Boone, 2014). The size and quality of the call center office should be according to the set budget. The management can conduct a research to determine the best aspects to be implemented without affecting the quality and accessibility.

After this analysis, the required resources should be set aside to kick-start the project (Kurtz ; Boone, 2014). Ways in Which a Call Center Can Be Used To Promote the New FacilityA call center improves communication between the organization and potential customers. Customers use this platform to get information regarding different services and the new facility can take advantage of this to provide more information about their new facility to customers (Information Resources Management Association, 2018). A call center is aimed to address the issues relating to customers and a good reputation can be done by addressing the issues presented by the customers. A satisfied customer can play the role of advertising the new organization to other members of the society if his/her needs are addressed (Information Resources Management Association, 2018).

A call center is the most effective communication tool that outside parties can access information from the new facility. Communication is the main aspect in advertisement and the organization can use this platform to tell customers on their services and the benefits of seeking services from the facility over other facilities in the market (Information Resources Management Association, 2018). ReferencesCarpenter, G. S., ; Shankar, V. (2013). Handbook of marketing strategy. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

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