Molly uses an alternating font style or

Molly excels at software application but lacks the language skills to be a true administrative assistant that requires written communication skills.

She also describes her lack of interest in these skills. As an employee, Molly could have been retained and re-tooled as a software (and possibly hardware) technician if the position was available and had her shortcomings been identified earlier. Business message audience analysis is required when drafting a direct or indirect strategy message so that the purpose of the message is understood by its audience. A message written condescendingly will be ignored and yet an over technical or complicated message could be confusing to the reader and also possibly ignored. Direct strategy may be used when the audience are of“w“www the same knowledge level of the writer while indirect may cover more broad notions to the peripheral audience that don’t require the specifics but more the “awareness” of the message’s basic information.

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Speakers and writers are different in their message delivery in that the audience can garner the emphasis of the message by a speaker’s inflections and gestures while a writer uses an alternating font style or punctuation in theirs. It’s more difficult for a writer to use emphasis and this is why it’s imperative that a message be outlined ahead of time, briefly written, to the point and the information written in the order of importance or connecting flow of small ideas into one idea.


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