Money In our life without money, we cannot

Money is the important thing for everyone. In our life without money, we cannot do anything because with the money we can get whatever we want. Such as, to get daily necessities like food, clothing, shelter, and others all this kind of things need money to get it. This shows that in our lives, money can give good benefits to mankind. However, some people think that money is the root of all evil. For me, this statement is not very accurate because crime can only happen without using the money. Even though money is said to be the cause of evil like people who commit the crimes to steal money from others clearly show that money is a factor of evil. Even so, some evil also clearly nothing to do with money because evidence clarifies that money is not a major contributor to crime.

This is because there are many routes to acts that would be considered evil. For example, a murder might be motivated by anger, a rape by uncontrollable lust, bullying, and discrimination by ignorance. This proves that money is not the source of all the evils that occur.

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In other words, people do not need money to commit crimes. Besides that, the money is also not contributor to the crime but I think the money can be an inspiration to the teenagers to study hard. This is because the educated person will get a good job with a good salary. Therefore, they will make the money as an important thing to ensure a quality future. Furthermore, someone who has a good career will also be respected by others. So, this money is not the main factor that makes a person who does a criminal, but it can be important in life and can encourage others to have money and be able to plan a good future.Other than that, in my opinion crime will not happen if we have a strong religious in our life. This is because all religions teach us how doing a good thing.

If a person’s religion is not enough in their self, then it is easy for that person to commit a crime. Religion is also a barrier to committing the crime because religion tells us how to behave properly. Religion has a law and doctrines that outline how we ought to behave in public. The law laid down by the religion that is the barrier for a person not to commit crimes on this earth. Religion also teaches people to respect authority, human dignity and rights and to preserve peace and order. This proves that sufficient religion will help people not to commit crimes and also explain that money is not the main causes of evils. In conclusion, even though money, sometimes leads to crime, but it is not a major factor.

There are many reasons that we can see as contributors to the crime. Money is not the roots of evil, but sometimes the pressure in life shows that money is the cause of all the crimes that happen without being aware of other factors. So that, everything that happens, we should look at every aspect of life, whether it is right or wrong to be more careful in being a judge for others.


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