Moreover, facilities, etc. But the government university classrooms

Moreover, Free university education is where students should not pay for the university education. In fact, a lot of times, government university education is free.

But sometimes government university students should pay for their university education. Because government universities are funded by state government the education is free. However, a fee has to be paid for private university education. But a lot of private universities are funded by corporations.

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There are many opportunities in a private university and they have the best facilities than Free State education. Specifically, beautiful classrooms, clean washrooms, the best library facilities, etc. But the government university classrooms are bigger than private universities. Similar to government, private university students have free and enjoyable lives. Additionally, private university students can finish the degree programme on time.

In contrast, government university education takes a long time to complete due to students’ union strikes and political interference. This reason specially applies to Sri Lankan state universities.


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