Morgan the final decision-making. Jane and June

Morgan is a 29-year-old woman who worked at sales assistant at XYZ Millennium hotel for three years. In the beginning, Morgan felt that the job was interesting and challenging. Her experience from ABC Millennium hotel made her energetic and enthusiastic to perform her new responsibilities. She worked within a group of four people. James is her sales manager, heading the final decision-making.

Jane and June are her colleagues, sharing most of her responsibilities. When accepting the sales assistant position, her responsibilities was defined to serve as the point of contact for clients and communicate with them to respond to questions and requests, to coordinate internally with the sales and marketing team and to prepare sales-related documents throughout the sales process. She really enjoyed her job responsibilities and liked her colleagues. As time went by, Morgan began to feel that her job and work environment affected her negatively. As a sales assistant, Morgan was not given the opportunity to use her the sales and marketing skills and knowledge that she had acquired from her three years of experience in ABC Millennium hotel as sales coordinator. Initially, in the sales assistant position, Morgan was permitted to make visits to the clients’ offices, which allowed Morgan to effectively convey details of the sales and engage authentically in conversations with potential clients in regard to client travel and hotel needs. These interactions with clients helped Morgan to feel like she was helping a team to improve performance and reach the sales goals. However, after her first year, a hotel policy change prohibited sale assistant from visiting client’s offices.

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The policy allowed that duties be performed by sales manager only. This restriction changed the aspect of her job dramatically since sales assistant responsibility was cut down to be responsible for coordinating internally with the sales and marketing team, preparing sales-related documents throughout the sales process and managing sales manager’s schedules, appointments and travel arrangements. As a result of the hotel policy change, the new sales assistant position for Morgan consisted of nothing more than preparing paperwork and acting as sales manager’s personal secretary.

This affected Morgan considerably, as she felt that she could not use her skills and experience thoroughly with the customers to keep her job productive.During a policy change, she had to be trained according to the organizational change process. When the training began, Morgan was aware that it was not being carried out in a way that she expected.

The training would not give her the skills and knowledge that she needed. Her trainers were not equipped with appropriate knowledge and were unable to answer questions that she had regarding the job. She asked for assistance from the training coordinator, however, there was no effort and response to solve the issue. James, Morgan’s sales manager, was also someone who showed a little concern about her issue even she asked for his assistance. He has known for having poor social and communication skills and he usually kept a distance from subordinates. He was difficult to approach regarding personal issues or work related problems. Everything had to be approved before it can be finalized. This sometimes hold up deadlines and did not give Morgan any autonomy during working.

Megan has also been discouraged with the lack of growth opportunities within the hotel. After working for the hotel for three years, she felt that she already reached the peak of her job performance. She could not motivate herself at work anymore as she has already lacked of motivation and enthusiasm. She also kept asking a question to herself why she had not been promoted after all these years.This job was what Morgan had worked towards her entire career, and she loved her responsibilities. However, her job was restricted to sales related paperwork and she was not able to perform the duties because there was no support or feedback for her.

As the time passed by, her motivation towards sales role was decreasing greatly by the fact that she wasn’t able to perform in the way that she believed she was capable. Morgan began to feel uncomfortable and noticed that she had negative attitude towards work. She did not want to get up in the mornings to go to work as usual and almost never smiled while she was there. Her affect at work was often that of boredom. She resented organizational rules and policies and how they were conducted at the hotel.

She found that her stress level and negative attitude had started into her personal life. Also, where Morgan was once a model employee on her performance review, with zero absences and zero tardiness, she now found herself not caring whether she was on time or not, or what her supervisor thought about her job performance. Unfortunately, Morgan decided to give up her career. The salary and perks at XYZ Millennium hotel were actually above what any hotel could offer, but she wasn’t able to utilize her skills and knowledge in the way that she believed she was capable.

About six months ago, MM Millennium hotel, XYZ Millennium hotel’s direct competitor, opened up a job offer for sales manager role. She decided to interview and fortunately she ended up getting the job. In the new job, Morgan was able to visit client’s offices to establish strong relationships with clients. This allowed her to achieve sale goal and maximize revenue at the hotel. Even though she received the complaints from customers, she was able to respond and give feedback because there was full support from her director and colleagues.

She really felt that her skills were being utilized. This was extremely important to Jessica. The director of sales, Morgan’s new supervisor, was also generous and easy to talk to. Surprisingly, Morgan’s motivation levels towards work increased and her positive attitude has regained. Morgan felt extremely enthusiastic and felt that she could build her career at this hotel.


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