Most a temporary distortion of the predator’s senses

Most people are somewhat familiaror at least have some knowledge on the common octopus, but to what extent? The averageperson has little to no care about what kind of animal is lying on the oceanfloor, as long as it does not affect them.

The truth is that those who decideto consume any kind of octopus, should know the basic knowledge of the animal. Theoctopus belongs to the kingdom of Animalia and falls into the Mollusca phylum. Theoctopus’ appearance resembles an abnormally large head with bulging eyes andeight tentacles.

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Octopi have diverse pigment cells, which allows a change inappearance, their skin can match the surrounding environment within seconds;this serves to camouflage the octopus from any nearby predators. Like manyother sea creatures, octopi have one main defense against predators, ink. Inkcauses a temporary distortion of the predator’s senses and blocks the predatorsline of vision. (National Geographic)Octopi may often sacrifice a limbto escape danger, this temporarily disables the octopus as it can regenerateits limbs. Octopi are sentient creatures with highly sensitive senses, meaningpain is fully translated.

The main food source for octopi are crustaceans suchas: crabs and mollusks; octopi mainly travel on the ocean floor capturing food,using their tentacles to swiftly move through small crevices. In some cases,the common octopus will expel water out of its siphon to gain high speeds –escaping danger. Many people believe the octopus is the most intelligent invertebrate;as I have done research and observed this animal, I noticed many examplesproving this to be true, such as: the octopus is the only animal (besides homo sapiens)to ever use a tool to its advantage. My point is that octopi are sensitivecreatures and should (in my opinion) not be consumed, as more often than not;they face extremely painful deaths when being prepared for a meal.



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