Most attitude which could be considered as

Most people today, they see the worldly advantages the only measure of glory and pride.

Be selfish and greedy or always pursuing material wealth is common. Property and rank determine the social status, the more wealth and the higher the rank, the higher the position in society. Adornments, celebrations, splendour and magnificiency emerged to show a powerful and dominant position in ancestral communities. Luxury was a phenomenon of culture, a mental attitude which could be considered as a characteristic of the social character of the human beings, (Lipovetsky, 2004). People living in metropolitan areas such as Kuala Lumpur are especially thought to be more open and materialistic. The community assesses in terms of external appearance and selfishness. When there are poor and needy people, there is no sense to help.

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When hearing the pain of others against the hardships faced, it does not matter to be part of feeling or sharing the pain. Some are luxurious and need to be guarded, but love needs are not met. In short, this problem can be dealt with when parents are not concerned about material aspects. A person is judged in terms of clothing brands, types of cars, types of homes, positions in occupation and level of influence in their respective fields. In this regard, the community of racing balloons collects power to strengthen their respective positions.

The present generation who are born with all the conveniences and technology have a broad opportunity of all developed and critical thinking on the various things around them. the values that are core to the well-being of the society for a long time held are often disputed and made the material to be taken into consideration including the value respect each other. Some of them express in a way that is so annoying and can invite anger and hatred among peoples. The goal of their life is focused on material progress. Each one wants freedom in everything that do. Suzana (2002) which states our young generation, they begin to have the desire of freedom in many things and at the same time, they experience rapid physical and mental development. Noraini (2000) also stated that adolescents need freedom in making decisions that can satisfy their tastes. Materialistic family values and do not care about the behavior and mistakes made by children are found to be the cause of moral decline, (Zaleha Kamarudin et.

al, 2008). These days, courtesy, respect, integrity, morals and ethics are not valued attributes any more. Our urban society has turned into selfish, self-centred and self-absorbed people. This could be attributed to the desire for materialistic things, which has affected people’s kindness and contributed to declining manners and courtesy in society. Younger people tend to have lesser common courtesy.


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