Mother Teresa was born at the Ottoman Empire in the Republic of Macedonia

Mother Teresa was born at the Ottoman Empire in the Republic of Macedonia. She was depicted as a heroic figure due to her missionary works. She founded a charity organization under the Romanian religious congregation.
Mother Teresa’s dedication is a skill and quality that I admire a lot. Teresa was an admirable figure by many in the society (Cavallaro, 2018). She was heavily criticized and praised for works in opposing abortion hence becoming a subject to both books and films. Mother Teresa became the hope of the poor in the society, the crippled, the homeless, the blind, the aged, refugees, victims of famine and floods. During her days Teresa out- pulled many other volunteers with a wide margin of rankings and became the first in all demographic categories. Her humility and dedication are commemorated globally through naming streets, building, and monuments.
She was devoted to attracting donation through hospices to help the homeless children, especially in India. She traveled internationally to serve the poorest despite a lot of critics from her rivals. Mother remained Teresa committed to spreading love and joy to the abandoned, the destitute, the unemployed and the terminally ill. Her commitment to eliminate poverty and suffering earned her the Nobel peace prize. Despite experiencing financial difficulties, she continued to pursue the great good of the people by begging for food and supplies (Cavallaro, 2018). Teresa also expanded her humanitarian efforts to communists’ nations which had declined the charity hospices. At the height of the temporary seize fire between Israel and the Palestinians. Teresa devoted herself to ensure that the 37 kids trapped in the frontline were evacuated and given medical attention.


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