Motivating employee’s need to find out what

Motivating Your Staff to Provide Outstanding ServiceYour service environment is the key to get satisfied customer. Employees have to be well trained and highly motivated to get an excellent service environment. Your role as a manger is to provide an efficient training for stuff to get high quilt in service. In this article, we will discuss how motivating employees effect the service.

To motivate your staff: Motivating staff to continue to work and develop it is one of the most challenges that facing the manager. Therefore, the manager must understand the employee’s need to find out what rewards can motivate the employee. The rewards can be divided into two parts: Financial rewards: The power of individual needs, the power positive reinforcement, the power of goals and expecting, The power of equity. And nonfinancial rewards: -Recognition programs, Making the job pleasurable, Making the job interesting. Applicable reward system/s you can implement in your own organization: When I have an organization, I will do something for all employees to Motivating them, like I will assign a wall to put the most accomplished employee’s name for each month. As for the personal rewards of each employee, I will divide them into two parts: the first to the new staff will be their most simple rewards and the author of the old and high-ranking employees will be more involved, such as an increase in salary. Challenges can you foresee in implementing these motivational processes in your organization: Feeling lack of equity, insignificant, satisfaction or not belonging. Using reward less then expectation.

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A boring or uninteresting environment. No personal responsibility or autonomy. Not to understand your employees or how to deal with them.In conclusion, it’s important to motivate the employees to do all they can perfectly, and this depends on the type of motive each employee needs. There are two types of rewards that can motivate the employees: financial and non-financial rewards and each one has different types.

At the same time, we need to understand the personalities and feelings of each employee which is a major challenge for the manager.


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