MOTIVATION Electrical and Electronics Engineering and specialized in

MOTIVATION LETTERI wish to convey my motivation in seeking admission for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme in Sustainable Transportation and Electrical Power Systems, 2018. My goal is to become a refined Power System Engineer through this program offered in four prestigious partner universities in Europe. My intention is to extend my technical knowledge in Electrical Power Systems and Renewable Energy Technology, thereby contributing my quota in addressing epileptic power supply and energy crisis which my country, Nigeria is bedeviled. While growing up, I became aware that Nigeria has never generated enough energy necessary for economic development despite abundant natural resources at her disposal. I was curious to know why my country could not offer uninterrupted electricity for domestic and industrial usage all year round.

Currently, the National grid supply is about 5,000MW which is insufficient to meet the demands of over 170 million Nigerian population. The present erratic electricity supply has slowed down the pace of industrial development and overall economic growth. Therefore, I was desirous to help my country solve her energy crisis at that tender age and this burning desire motivated my interest to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering and specialized in Power systems in my first-degree. However, I believe that studying in three different highly developed countries and interacting with experienced world-class professors and many other highly motivated students that share the same passion as mine will be a wonderful opportunity to acquire international and multicultural interaction skills besides developing and enhancing my professional skills.

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