Moving ideas . On the other hand ,

Moving away from homeMoving away from home is very difficult and tough to most of people especially for young people , as everything seems different and not the same compared to the way it was .

There are amount of people who love to do it and can adjust under a new way of life , on the other hand , there are another people who just do not like moving away as they can not put up with it. However, people who can handle it will be much more independent and stronger than the others . Moving away from home have is useful as it gives the person a fresh start , quiet environment , self-independence as well as it makes the person get exposed to more ideas . On the other hand , It have lots of disadvantages such as lack of communication between family and friends , in addition to , it makes the person feels like he lives in fear or disappointment . Nowadays , most of youth prefers to move away from home , but why exactly is that happening ? Maybe it seems interesting and excitement for them at first , yet , they just want to escape from their lives and try this sort of adventure , they also may be forced to move away under the circumstances of their work or job .

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