Mr. Gekko about “Greed is good” and

Mr. Kant would not agree with Mr. Gekko because Mr.

Kant Stated a few things that will sound as if he supports the statement of Mr. Gekko about “Greed is good” and Mr. Kant states that ‘do the right thing unconditionally’ meaning that if greed is the right, then one should continue doing it without any condition and in the other words Mr.

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Kant will disagree Mr. Gekko with the moral of Mr. Basson and Gekko but if one has read and understood the philosophy of Mr. Kant one would see that Mr. Kant agrees and support anything that is right and ethical besides, the fact that he will not be in support of wrongdoing but it is even shown by the statement of ‘moral’ that indicate that it goes back to the good, righteous and proper manner


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