Mr. saying that they were also monitoring

Mr. L, a 25-year-old Hindu unmarried male from a normal socioeconomic status. He working as a factor in the banking sector. He wants to adult psychiatry OPD, PGIMER, Dr.

Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital along because of chief complaints of suspiciousness, abnormal beliefs, and experiences. He hearing voices no one else could hear and reduce sleep for 1 month. Mr. L reported himself in the OPD that he was very distressed about his abnormal experiences. His History revealed that the illness started after the day of the General Lok Sabha Elections in Delhi. When he has gone to cast his vote at the local poll booth.

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He got into a debate with the conducting team. After that, he back home and he started to tell his family members that movements and activities were being telecast live under the orders of Vice President of the then Ruling party. He wasn’t enthusiast television and technology; he would not use TV or response to his phone. Also, he didn’t allow anyone else at home to use on any electronic appliance. He was feared that the same was being used to record his activities. All of this happened after the next morning of Election Day, he refused to step out of the house or even go out to work. Mr.

L was suspecting that people in the neighbourhood were speaking about him. Also, he was repeatedly saying that they were also monitoring his activities through the live telecast. His family members tried to convince him to the obverse, but to no usefulness. He became more close to his room and stopped going out of his house.

Next few days, he started to tell he hearing voices. He would keep hum to himself all most of the day. His self-care Ignored he would not take bath for weeks and his sleep reduce to 1 to2 hour a day. He started picking problems with neighbours and even family members. There was a gradual reduction in activities with family members.

After all, he came for consultation by himself as he was not able because he wants to understand the reason for the abnormal experiences.


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