Mrs food shopping to the nearest supermarket.

Mrs J is 86 years old and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Mrs J is unaware that there is anything wrong with her and continues to live at home with carers visiting her 4 times a day and once a week the carer will take her food shopping to the nearest supermarket. Mrs J has lived on her own for many years but she thinks that her brother stills lives with her, her brother is married and lives in Congleton and has very little to do with Mrs J. Mrs J like to cook and will cook for herself and her brother she will tell the carers that her brother is working late and he will have his tea later when he comes home.

In the morning Mrs J will inform the carers that her brother has gone to work and make sure that he has made his bed before he has left. Mrs J’s home was clean and tidy. Mrs J is a very active lady and enjoys walking long distances as she used to have a dog many years before. On many occasions Mrs J has gone walking but has not been able to get back home and has needed help from passing cars and friends to get her back home. Mrs J’s social worker arranged for sensors to be put into her home to monitor Mrs J’s movement and we would be notified when Mrs J leaves the home. Mrs J didn’t understand what the sensors were for and because she did not like the look of the sensors, she would tidy them away.

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Mrs J would hide her house keys because she was worried that she would lose them, but Mrs J could never remember where she had put them. On every visit the carer would have to search Mrs J house and would find the keys in the strangest of places, in the airing cupboard under towels, under the mattress of the bed, in the washing machine etc. Mrs J felt that she was completing her personal care and was changing her clothes daily. The carers were noticing that Mrs J was constantly wearing the same clothes and putting more clothes over the top of what she was already wearing and there were no signs in the bathroom that Mrs J had had a wash in the morning.


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