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Muhammad Hasnain20-11368Environmental sciences 252 Forman Christian College (A chartered University)Submitted To : Ms Sara Ali Environmrntal degradation around and in Khanpur Dam Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems; habitat destruction; the extinction of wildlife; and pollution. It is defined as any change or disturbance to the environment perceived to be deleterious or undesirable. Causes of Environmental Degradation: Some environmental life species require substantial areas to help provide food, living space, and other different assets. These creatures are called area specific. At the point when the biome is divided, the vast patches of living space don’t exist anymore. It gets to be more troublesome for the wildlife to get the assets they need in order to survive.

The environment goes on, even though the animals and plant life are not there to help sustain it properly.1. Land Disturbance2. Pollution3. Overpopulation4. Landfills:5. Deforestation6: Natural CausesEffects of Environmental Degradation Loss of Biodiversity Loss for Tourism Industry Economic Impact Health issues Khanpur Dam Khanpur Dam is a dam located on the Haro River near Potowar Plateau and the village of Khanpur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

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About 40 km from Islamabad. It forms Khanpur Lake, a reservoir which supplies drinking water to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and irrigation water to many of the agricultural and industrial areas surrounding the cities. It is 167 feet (51 m) high and has a water storing capacity of 110,000 acre feet.

The dam was completed in 1983 after a 15-year construction period believed to have cost Rs. 1,352 million. It is 167 feet (51 m) high and stores 110,000 acre feet (140,000,000 m3).Environmrntal degradation around and in Khanpur Dam We had a tour to khanpur dam, we had experienced and witessed so many things but Water pollution and Land pollution and Land errosion was top of the list.

Water Pollution: Water Pollution can be defined as alteration in physical, chemical, or biological characteristics of water through natural or human activities and making it unsuitable for its designated use.pollution in which oil and grease released into lake water from the boat engines was prominent. No precautionary measures were taken from the boat drivers as they were not aware of its severe consequences. I was also onboard for recreation.

This release of oil into water was going on daily basis. The tourism factor was influential because it was the only livelihood of them. Moreover, this oily water will then be used for drinking and irrigation purposes. Here we can determine that how much the quality of water is worselyaffected by simple processes and activities taking place in the Khanpur Lake and its adjoining areas. This is also causing negative health impacts on people who drink this water and eat vegetables grown from it. Boating is the main factor, considering it one of the major source of water pollution due to discharge of oil and grease from the boat engines.

Land Pollution:As everyone knows that Khanpur is the place for tour and picnic , so many of people everyday come at khanpur dam and have picnic and bring audible things and some other luggage along with them, once they use them and leave there and it is considered as the main reason for the land pollution. Inorganic and Organic pollutants such as plastic waste, domestic waste, branches of trees, pieces of wood, and dried leaves were also observed in the lake water, lakeshoreand nearby land surfaces. No control was there to reduce or prevent it from polluting the water. This also has caused many threats to the marine life living inside the Khanpur Lake. Loss of marine life especially freshwater fish and their habitat loss is a major threat right now.Moreover, degradation of land and natural resources by tourists has also been seen in the nearby areas of Khanpur Dam. Tourists buy eatables and throw away their wrappers where ever they wish.

The green area and forest cover is also decreasing day by day. The native people heavily depend on natural resources for their livelihood. Locals critically threaten forests,rangelands and wildlife through over exploitation and mismanagement.Social Environment: We had a visit to Khanpur Dam on 22nd April, 2018, it was not for first time but this time I came to know so many new things as it was our environmental sciences tour along with our course instructor Ma’am Sara Ali.

I really don’t want to beat the bushes around and would be sharing what actually I had experienced during that tour. I was really excited as many of my friends were with me and we had a great experience while in the bus, everyone was enjoying by their own and being part of , I was also enjoying as they were accompanying each other and while going to khanpur Dam we had two stops , at first one we had breakfast , as a breakfast should have during travelling ; Tea and Buns and Rusk Cakes .As it was not something new but a apart of routine. We started our journey about 6 AM and reached about 12 P.M .

I really enjoyed while boating and as I am fond of photography and took so many clicks and were thinking about that would upload at facebook once I come back to Lahore xD . we had a bariyani lunch at bank of dam but bariyani was damn spicy but all of us were too hungry and everyone almost completed their boxes as it was given to us in a box with pack of salad. We had boating session for about 3 hours then turned back to Monal, as everyone knows and they were actually excited to be there as after spending a day we’ re going to have a delicious food at and in fact it was delicious. All of us were having great time with each other and everyone was showing up his individuality as there is some different and kind of formal environment in university , ma’am was also quiet friendly with us and contributed equally to have fun with students and it was kind of disco club in the bus everyone was kinda dancing at their seats with the music . it was kind of fascination and soothing tour , and informative too. Such tours should be arranged for more and more interaction with nature and to know the mates such tours are the basic platforms for .

Anyhow it was such an amazing event and I really enjoyed to be there. References:


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