Muller global player in the food and

Muller group is a well known for global producer of dairy products. The headquarters of Muller functions are carried from Fischach in the German state of Bavaria. Muller has a turnover of €5 billion. This is one of the UK’s top selling yogurt brands with around 21,000 employees.Muller was incorporated in 1971 by Theobald Alfons Muller as a small dairy in the Bavarian town of Aretsried with just four employees. Today, the Muller Group is an enlarged family of around 25,000 people.

Now it emerged as a fast growing, multinational, cold-food business. It operates all functions in more than 10 countries. Muller’s group ranked as the largest private dairy in Germany and it held the market leading position in yogurt segment for last ten years. Muller, with its strategic operations in the daily field subsequently acquired several top dairy players in Europe such as Robert Wiseman Dairies and Dairy Crests in 2012 and 2015 respectively. Now it achieved a substantial position in the British dairy sector. The current focus of Muller is to become a global player in the food and drink industry, and to be recognised as a great place to work.

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The main ambition and biggest achievement of the organization is to build a truly diverse dairy business which is the best in the UKA visionary approachThe Muller brand is recognized by almost most of the German population and is the core competence of the group. The brand building is major part of the category innovation, from Muller Reine Buttermilch and Mullermilch to the corner yogurt and Froop. A visionary approach runs through the business, from new product development to process development to the Muller facilities. The largest of the Muller Group plants is located in Leppersdorf, Saxony in Germany.

This is well known as the biggest modern dairy in UK and almost 820 million has been put into its construction and expansion. Around 2,000 well knowledge labor forces is now employed in order to achieve great success in its daily operations and 1.7 billion kg of fresh milk is expected to deliver each year.Muller group invested around 22 million in the construction of the world’s first bio-ethanol plant, which is located at Leppersdorf in 2007. The plant delivers with an estimation of 10 million liters a year of this environmentally friendly fuel additive, which comes from the by-product such as molasses.

The process not only produce fuel but also recycle around 1.5 million litres of process water in daily basis, this is further treated at a vapor processing plant. This facility purifies the normal water in to a much purified drinking water. The process can be transmitted to the production process and used again. This is the best practice ever used as of now in any daily industry.

The large-scale WHEY IV project was successfully completed in summer 2011with huge investment of around 70 million. This best practice delivers an advantage to emerge in the new competitive diverge fields of operations for the Muller Group such as sports nutrition, baby food and clinical nutrition.Along with the routine milk-processing subsidiaries, Muller Group also forwarded integrating in the packaging company named as Optipack GmbH, its own logistics company Culina and Fahrzeugtechnik Aretsried GmbH. Muller Nature farm is one of the biggest fruit-processing industries in Germany and number three in Europe with production of 110,000 tonnes a year.Brand innovation in Muller’s GroupIn the recent years Muller group, over 1 million people had lost their interest for a delicious, yummy Muller Corner. It advanced to increasing rivalry from the competition of other dairy products; their packaging design was turning consumers uninterested. They were starting to search for other brands. The brief of Muller group was to redesign the complete Muller range of products, to be an ‘invitation’, rather than routine daily products.

Moreover, consumers’ perceptions of what delicious food look like having moved on with the advanced programs such as using celebrity and versatile chefs and advanced programmers such as the Great British Bake . The best agenda is to create desire and define individual propositions and personalities for each customer and advice by consumer navigation and get consumers to get back interest on the brand again. The practices like visual planning helped Muller define individual propositions, with the iconic corners being beautifully delicious and attracting by look and taste. The light calorie food consists only 99 calories, grabbed the target mindset of being fun and having it all yogurts, snacks and rice item by providing a excellent tasty goodness.

This emerging branding culture is now beautifully tempting with the corner peel back acting as a tempting invitation into a moment of pleasure. Muller Light has been given a sophisticated, stylish and light-hearted personality. Rice is bright, optimistic and healthful with the introduction of more natural ingredients. They continue to work closely with Muller designing the packaging. This further expended in developing names for award winning new product development whipped Greek Style Bliss and Muller Light Fruit polis. The Muller Light portfolio has been further differentiated with Greek Style products takes customers to a delicious patisserie (French pastry) moment.

With the launch of Muller Rice 5 Grains, Muller have created a sub brand in current product line that leverages the visual language of wholegrain and breakfast to appeal to consumer’s desire for more healthy breakfast options for the daily customers.The launching of Muller again in chilled yogurts category in the recent years captured the best market and it reflected to gain the number one position in the dairy market. The share value is also incredible fortified by 10 % approximately. The best practices best helped Muller to achieve prestigious GOLD DBA award for the Coley Porter Bell team. Still Muller continuing the best positions in the Muller Light and Muller Corner References: Muller official website.


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