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Multiple people, including myself, would be shocked to learn that there are much more detailed groups in both the Democratic and Republican parties. As for myself, I’m a disaffected democrat which happens to be the minority group in all of the democratic parties. According to the quiz provided by Pew Research Center, “this typology is highly financially concerned. They have positive feelings about the democratic party and its leaders, but are highly cynical about politics, government, and how things are going in the US.” While I have always known that I leaned towards the democratic party, it came as quite the surprise to me to learn that I am in such a minor group. The description and percentages that were provided along with my results had related to me almost completely.

As I was reading the analytics, I had found myself agreeing and nodding my head as I read. I believe that this is my typology because I have strong views that everyone should get a choice to live their lives the way they feel makes them happiest. This includes gay marriage, abortions, and the want to show their support towards immigrants and labor unions.

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Currently, the news only shows the negative reports and while that does bring in more audience it also warps a lot of beliefs and it’s a large possibility that due to the news programs consistently sending out this sort of negativity then maybe my previous views have been changes or even intensified to make this group my typology.


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