Music is considered as one genre of poetry

Music is considered as one genre of poetry that artistically expresses people’s emotions throughout the lyrics. There are many movies which have excellent soundtracks. For instance, “See You Again” featured by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa, which released on March 10th, 2015, is a farewell tribute song to honor Paul Walker, who died abruptly in a car accident during the production of the movie The Fast and the Furious 7.

The franchise spanned about fourteen years that the cast members are more like a “family” to each other than just friends. This emotionally powerful song brings back lots of people’s memories by means of certain poetic techniques to enhance the sad mood of losing a loved one. To begin with, Puth states that family and friends will not always be here since the cast members never thought they would lose Paul Walker. The rhetorical question “Damn, who knew” (Khalifa 6) asked by Wiz ponders the harsh reality that death is unpredictable. Moreover, from a narrative perspective, a flashback singing by Wiz, “All the planes we flew/ Good things we’ve been through” (Khalifa 7-8) is also an example of rhyme that shows the bond and relationship between them.

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The image suggests that he is standing beside Walker’s grave, talking to himself. The tone here is sad but also grateful that recalls the best of those time they spent together is a cherished memory for him. Secondly, “See You Again” mainly focuses on the social theme—friendship and family, which are the most important component in one’s life.

When Wiz begins to rap, entering the drums which gives the song rhyme and beat. It is referring to the fact that family and beloved ones who are no longer with us or far away from us in the world may never occur in our life and this also indicates that nothing lasts forever. To end with, the belief of Christianity is revealed in many places of the song. Puth is immersed in the deep sorrow of losing a close friend by singing “I tell you all about it when I see you again/ Now I see you in a better place” (Puth 2,17). He hopes that there will be a heavenly reunion someday, while he rather believes Walker is not gone forever or even living happily in a better place. Moreover, Puth finishes the song with an emotional re-intro that hopes him well on his next journey to heaven. He hints a bright and shining afterlife: “So let the light guide your way/ Hold every memory as you go/ And every road you take, will always lead you home” (Puth 41-43). He wants Walker to remember all the good times they spent and find a new home, while the guiding light will help him reach heaven safely.

Puth incorporates the use of allusion and personification to imply his best wishes for him. In conclusion, “See You Again” is built upon the tragedy of losing of Paul Walker by dint of the utilization of several poetic devices throughout the lyrics. This song seems to be very personal, but the truth is that everyone can have some connections with it, especially for those who have lost a loved one. It is undeniable that this song makes a huge emphasis on the social theme of friendship and family.

As a result, it arouses lots of people’s feelings, and incredibly shoots to fame.


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