Music them so their main source of relief

Music plays a very important role in people’s lives, especially teenagers. Music is part of many teenagers, it helps them to socialize or just entertainment. Listening to music is considered by society as part of growing up. Music has a great influence on teenagers because it helps them distract themselves from their family, school or personal problems. It also helps them to soothe their emotions like anger, sadness, and loneliness because during the youth stage teenagers tend to go through many circumstances that help them mature in life and all those emotions tend to damage them so their main source of relief is the music. In addition, adolescents tend to use music in their process of identity formation and provide them a mean to achieve group identity.

Adolescents’ choice of music and their reactions and interpretations vary depending on the age and culture; in the actuality there are different types of songs that the teenagers listen like the trap that is a sub-genre of the hip-hop, reggaeton, pop, among others. In the article ”Children and young people’s uses of and responses to music in their everyday lives: A pilot study,” Elinor Tolfree and Susan Hallam state that the research reported in the article intends to expand current findings by explaining gender and age differences in the use of music in the everyday lives of young people (44). Female adolescents are more likely than male adolescents to use music to reflect their emotional state, in particular when they feel lonely or down. Male adolescents, on the other hand, are more likely to use music as a way to boost their energy level, or to create a positive image of them. Music is power because it can stimulate mood, memory and the body. There is a lot of music that is used to relax the body and relieve stress, there is also music that increases or reduces emotions such as anger and sadness and music helps to remember special memories, so many teenagers listen to music at all times. In the article ”Listening to Music – Therapeutic Impact and Improvement of our Wellbeing” the author affirms ”music is power, music is healing” (DiDonato, 1) which means that music has a great influence on teenagers in a good or bad way all depends on the person.

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Nowadays, the music is more explicit in terms of its content; generally modern music is about drugs, sexuality, depression and love, which tends to affect teens in different ways. Music that speaks mainly of sexuality tends to encourage teens to have sex at an early age and this may occasion of getting a sexually disease or have babies and this can ruin their life because they are just beginning to experience life, second depression and love are very common issues in the youth stage because it is when the hormones of teenagers begin to develop and they begin to love which may cause to them happiness, depression and loneliness among other things and the music tends to relieve or increase these feelings.


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