My I worked on Teradata and data

My affinity for software and data analytics did not end here. To accelerate my career and skills, I sought to even bigger challenges. I cracked one of the most difficult interviews with Infosys Ltd Company.

After being appointed on a project with Barclay’s, a UK based company, I worked on a module- Mortgage, that deals with various mortgage products Barclays offers like First-time buyers, Remortgage, Buy-To-Let, Existing Mortgages. Here I worked on Teradata and data warehousing more closely in financial domain which was critical, real time and demanding. This project provided me a chance to explore and get some hands-on Unix Operating System. My demonstration of professionalism in executing my tasks earned me more accolades and recognitions. One such award was regarding my contribution to automation of time consuming manual processes. Applying my knowledge in UNIX, Microsoft Excel Macros and Cognos, I could automate few such processes to eradicate manual intervention thus saving human efforts and cost.After working with these companies for several years, I have understood importance of Business Analytics and use of different software tools and techniques for data analytics. I must now add the comprehension of global economy to my fundamental knowledge, and further embellish my intellect by mastering the prowess of business analytics to gain an edge over the others.

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I find the Business Analytics program at University of Texas at Dallas to be an ideal choice as it offers excellent coursework such as Data Science, Marketing Analytics, Decision and Operations Analytics, Financial Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, and IT for Analytics. Additionally, the program covers tools like SAS, R, Python, Hadoop, Stata, and Tableau. It will craft my skills necessary in data analytics such as Hadoop which many service providers are extensively using for Big Data analysis. It will cultivate my IT expertise of data analytics along with Data science and will assist me to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured. I can expand my understanding of financial analytics in the creation of ad hoc queries to answer specific business questions. Your program offers an extensive platform which would cater to my aspirations and help me review my learning of the years gone by. My keen desire to continue my future studies at your graduate school stems from the fact that it is one of the top colleges in USA having fine record of academic excellence and is backed up by expert faculty and research facilities.

UTD’s Master of Science in Business Analytics course will be a stepping stone for me to grow in field of Data science. I am confident that with my engineering background and statistical work experience, I will not only contribute to the diversity of the class but will also bring in creative and effective ideas in duration of the course. My intellect, diverse skill sets and excellent undergraduate record are a testimony to my ability to do justice to your demanding graduate program.

I intend to contribute to innovation and research by implementing my knowledge base and skills in the field of data science and Business Analytics. I sincerely hope that you will give earnest consideration to my application and grant me the opportunity to continue further studies in your esteemed institution.


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