My first crush was in

My first crush was in my last year of high school (12th), and his name was Joshua, I won’t mention his full name of course! for some reason It wasn’t love at first sight. In my point of view, when I first met Joshua, I thought he was a nerd that loves to study, play games, watch animated especially (Naruto), and play volleyball, who was in my health class. I know you’re thinking that it was incredibly rude of me to think of him in such a negative way right off the bat, but all I wanted was to get know him in personally, I always wanted to talk to him, I used be shy when I saw him or I would smile when I saw him, Joshua played volleyball in high school I used to attend most of his games but he never knew the reason why I would always go to the games . In my mind I always thought he was more than the most serious person in school. When I started talking to him he wasn’t a serious, he was more goofy, funny, smart, helpful and likable.

If someone ask me to describe Joshua that’s how I would describe him. I think that’s the reason why I liked him and still like him.

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